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Re: I need Help with some information

On Fri, Dec 20, 2002 at 11:12:59AM -0800, moath abdullah wrote:

> Thank you very much for your fast response :)!
> What I mean in my question about Akka is : Can I pass 
> bash instructions to Akka such as "ls" or it has its
> own arabic instructions that are connected directly 
> to /sbin/ , /bin/ ...etc programs.

No, Akka doesn't come up with its own commands. When you type 'ls' at your
prompt, and you have Arabic filenames, Akka will display them properly for
you. When you pop-up lynx or vim and start typing, you Akka sits in the
middle, ensuring that you see Arabic. In other words, Akka sits there between
you and the console (whatever program you are running), and allows it to
display Arabic text. The keymaps allow you to input Arabic text, which Akka
intercepts then displays.

> By the way I am now trying to uinstall akka on my 
> mandrake 9.0 Linux. And I have installed fribidi from
> CDs when Akka ask for them but it did not recognize
> them until now??!! Do you know what is the problem ?
> is because the new standard in Linux which has changed
> files places or what? please I want to try Akka now :)

I need more information to be able to determine the problem. Which version of
Akka and FriBiDi? What is the error message? How are you trying to compile it?  

> I have another Q? Do you know where can I find Info
> about IBM working? I have there CD which was 

Patches IBM contributed to Open Source projects (regarding
Internationalization) can be found here:

> ditributed in Gitex but I want some historical info
> for my research paper?

I don't know what they distributed at the Gitex.

> And Do you know where Hayder Linux Forums are???

I believe they are here:

> Thank you again and sorry for the big number of 

No problem. Glad to help. Next time though, please direct such generic
questions to the 'general' list.

Thank you.
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