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Re: I need Help with some information

Thank you very much for your fast response :)!
What I mean in my question about Akka is : Can I pass 
bash instructions to Akka such as "ls" or it has its
own arabic instructions that are connected directly 
to /sbin/ , /bin/ ...etc programs.
By the way I am now trying to uinstall akka on my 
mandrake 9.0 Linux. And I have installed fribidi from
CDs when Akka ask for them but it did not recognize
them until now??!! Do you know what is the problem ?
is because the new standard in Linux which has changed
files places or what? please I want to try Akka now :)
I have another Q? Do you know where can I find Info
about IBM working? I have there CD which was 
ditributed in Gitex but I want some historical info
for my research paper?
And Do you know where Hayder Linux Forums are???
Thank you again and sorry for the big number of 
Regards Moath

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