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Re: Maalam - suggestion

I'v always been confused about Maalam.
I personally vote for Bayani (for Rasm Bayani) so it would be obvious.


 + Bayani      (related to 'graph')
 + Muqawas     (related to 'curve')
 + Watar       (related to 'sinew')
 + Nuqta       (related to 'point')
 + Mukhatat    (related to 'plot')
 + Mehwar      (related to 'axis')
 + Shabaka     (related to 'grid')
 + Munaseeq    (related to 'coordinate')
 + Aseel       (related to 'origin')
 + Hawiya      (related to 'container')

Sorry again for this nontechnical mumbo-jumbo & Salam.

- Nadim