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Re: I want to join the Quran project

Hi Mohammed,

Sorry for the late reaction. I'm very busy with a school-project these days. But I will have enough time in the school-vacation in 21 dec to 5 jan. I took a look at the source code and I found libquran very interresting.
I want to work on the development of this library, but I want to know what is left to do in this library. I also like to see the design document if it is available.


From: Mohammed Yousif <mhdyousif at gmx dot net>
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To: developer at arabeyes dot org
Subject: Re: I want to join the Quran project
Date: Sun, 8 Dec 2002 23:33:48 +0200

On Sunday 08 December 2002 16:36, Maher . wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to help in developing the Quran project.
> I will tell a little bit about my self: I'm studying Computer Science
> (Software Enginering) in a university in the Netherlands. I also have
> experience in commercial software development. I have experience in C, C++,
> Java (and in Pascal, Basic, PHP and ASP, but not used for a long time) and
> in technologies: MFC,Qt, SQL, Sockets, XML, etc. I don't have many
> experience on developing on unix/linux, but since the project is based on
> Qt, I think I can help and because I'm not a beginner anymore in software
> development, learning a new API or programming language is a piece of cake.
> I hope you can find a task for me in the Quran Project.

Thanks for your interest, I'm sure I could use your help
The project as a whole is not based on Qt, only QtQuran is.
libquran is C and is providing generic API for QtQuran(Qt/C++) and
You may want to have a look at the library and the two currently available
clients to see what you can do (There is much to do btw).
a list of what I remember now to do for QtQuran:
1- Porting the searching algorithm used to libquran and improving it.
2- Adding some decorations from Islamic Art.
3- Adding an option to view a whole 'sura' , this includes using a
QSyntaxHighlighter to highlight the current verse.
This is what I remember now :-)
your suggestions/comment are welcome

Mohammed Yousif
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