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Re: VIM (Arabic patch)

From: elzubeir at acm dot csci dot unt dot edu (Moe Elzubeir)

I am writing here to enquire once again about the Arabic patch's status.
It has been submitted since January of this year. So far, there does not
seem to be any indication that it will be part of the main vim source

Could someone please confirm if this will ever be considered or not? IF
not, then we need to consider forking from VIM or providing pre-compiled
binary packages (whichever is better). After all, the point is
to provide the Arabic user with Arabic support in VIM. If VIM does not
want to include that support, we need to provide it in other ways.

According to the latest todo.txt: 7 Add patch from Nadim Shaikli to add Arabic support.

If this is the same patch, then it is on the list. Bram is on holidays right now, so you will have to wait a bit to get an official response from him, though.

Dan Sharp

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