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Re: emacs-bidi (screenshot)

Nadim Shaikli writes:

> I'm not sure if you are subscribed to the 'developer' mailing-list

No, I'm not, but I have just read the archive.  Thank you all very
much for the comments and confirmation.  It seems that we finally got
a reasonable screenshot.

> What is the status of Arabic's inclusion into emacs' main code ?

Unclear.  The bi-directional algorithm used in the current emacs-bidi
is very poor and will never be included in the main trunk.  Which
means, Arabic will not be supported until Eli Zaretskii (or someone
else) finishes writing a new bidi-enabled display engine.

Another problem is the current comp-lock mode.  It conflicts with
font-lock, but fixing this should be much easier than writing a new
bidi-enabled display engine.

> (is there a mailing-list or URL or contact person we
> can solicit regarding this topic) ?

I do not know other than emacs-bidi at gnu dot org, but you are already a
member, aren't you?

Haydar Net writes:

> I only want to ask you if you can publish the emacs version you are
> using because the version on the internet "25-07-2002" does not have
> this great arabic shaping as what i saw in this screenshot.

Visit http://www.m17n.org/emacs-bidi/ and follow the links.  I have
modified the tarballs today, but the changes are extremely minor.

> Another question, is there any way to support Xft in emacs?

Not to my knowledge.

ntakahas at m17n dot org