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Re: Akka merge

I came on at 15:03 (your time). I could not and probably will not come on earlier than that. That IRC discussion is seems very important now (!!!Anyone else that is interested in helping out with Akka should come on as well!!!). My patches do not involve anything major (as stated) and the next one is on hold (I was planning on some major changes with it) until we can both have a proper discussion over IRC to resolve any possible development conflicts and add new things we should be concentrating on.

I will try to come on earlier tomorrow (10...15) and even possibly at 4. Hopefully, I will be able to catch somewhere at those times. Just be prepared to waste the first day of your weekend over IRC. Another better solution is to assign this same meeting, same day (or a day earlier) for next week. At that time, I could easily wipe things off my schedule to go online. This is better as it will allow other interested developers to come on (and have some sort of Akka developer conference) to come up with a proper final sketch for Akka.

I sent my current patches to you in your private inbox, take a look at them.

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On Wed, Aug 21, 2002 at 06:02:53PM +0000, Phactorial - wrote:
> Taking out the ORBit dependency is the way to go but as you said, it will
> take a lot of redesigning of Akka's structure. I will try to finish off
> most of what I wanted to do tomorrow morning and have a commit ready by
> night time. I will send you a copy for verification first (FreeBSD fixes,
> code cleanup, optimizations). The other things I discussed earlier today
> will come in a next patch (btw: I would appreciate an IRC discussion
> regarding Akka's redesign sometime so we can accept a final sketch, I am
> completely there for blowing ORBit off of Akka's back).

Okay, tomorrow (Thur 6:00pm CDT) would be a good time to catch me on irc.

> Regarding the configuration tool:
>  - Your configuration file is NOT portable, you really should
>    think of updating your machine someday ;)

The configuration was tailored to suit a Debian setup. It wasn't specific to
'my' machine ;)

>  - It will take longer
>  - Uncompression of the keymaps/fonts is not redundant, but needed.
>    Ofcourse this will be dependent on the users console configuration
>    packages. This will be integrated into Akka (but depending on the
>    redesign, it will be in a seperate "layer" that deals with keymap/
>    font decompression/loading/configuration).
>  - Redundant if we include all required keymaps and fonts but that
>    is a waste of disk space and could even be redundant if people
>    do not want to use any of our keymaps/fonts at all ;)

No reason to have to do that anyway (including all, etc.) Initially only
related keymaps/fonts would be included. Hopefully then we will also have the
maintainers of consoletools and kbd to include the necessary files in their
distribution so we don't have to worry about that.

> Ideas:
>  - If you are ever alive on IRC, I could stop EVERYTHING and just
>    concentrate on blowing off all the dependencies before going on
>    with patching up other of Akka's problems. Actually, this will be
>    the most important move right now. This will require a proper
>    discussion. I am thinking of tomorrow (Thursday for me). How about
>    that? Time, you tell me, and I will tell you ;)

There are several new things that have come up. Once you send me your patches I
will be able to determine where to go from there. An irc session may also prove
to be beneficial to a speedy conclusion ;) So, be there ;)

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