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Re: some questions about Akka

I am currently, unfortunately, in Syria and thus by current patches are still on my queue. If you are ever going to roll out Haydar Linux I suggest you wait a periond of couple of weeks for my next patch. It will include a little bit more FreeBSD compatibility, logic and several other fixes/problems I cannot recall.

You seem to have a considerable amount of QT knowledge, maybe you would be interested on working on an X-configuration tool for Akka? I am currently working on a curses tool.

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Mohammed Elzubeir wrote:

On Mon, Aug 05, 2002 at 03:14:42AM -0400, Haydar Net wrote:

maybe it is also a font problem, because all arabic letters appears like
latine characters with some extra points or signes on it.

Now I only need to solve 1- and the folowing question:
when i try to convert from akka.sgml to any format like html i get the
folowing error:

You are right. The SGML file has issues, and I lack the sgml knowledge to fix it. If
anyone is willing to have a look at it and fix it, it would very much appreciated.
When I created the debian package I created the sgml formatted manpage, and compiling
it spits out those errors, but creates it anyway..

I take full blame ;) I understand on some systems it simply bails out instead of
overriding the errors and treating them like warnings.

I know that i am asking too many idiots questions, but i am working to
hard lately and i can't figure everything myself.

You are asking all the right questions, sorry for not replying sooner. I hope those SGML pro's (Ammer Alsabbagh, can you help?) have a look at it.

If you're intending to use Akka for HaydarLinux, let us know when you intend
to go for it. As it is, the autotools_branch has undergone several bug-fixes
and we're dumping chonfigure completely -- thanks to Anas Nashif for his
autotools port.


I have already included Akka in Haydar Linux since it's first beta, but
i also need some help here,  I can't say that Haydar Linux is based on
RedHat/Rawhide because I have made a lot of changes/costumization of the
Linux Operating system and added a lot of Mandrake futures but it still
use the console almost the same way that Redhat does, I am telling you
this to let you see where the error goes in font rendering in Haydar
Linux and Redhat Linux because I don't have any time to check for it.


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