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Re: a new project 'quran'

On Sunday 04 August 2002 00:30, Hatem Ben wrote:

> I've just read Quraan annoucement, and want to congrats for this good and
> interestning project ! i've seen that arabic-xml data are just in UTF-8, so
> i'm sending you these xml data in arabic windows-1256; german : iso-8859-1
> and french iso-8859-1.
> Hope that you'll find them usefull !
> if you find them usefull and think that you need more xml translations just
> tell me
> these all other language that i have : DUTCH; ITALIAN; TURKISH; INDONESIAN;
> BOSNIAN (translated by Mustafa Mlivo); ENGLISH (translated by Abdullah
> Yusufali) and JAPANESE
> Regards,
> Hatem
Thank you much Hatem , your files was _very_ useful
I'm waiting for other translations (I want as many as possible of them;-)
May I ask you a question? , How did you manage to format these files in such 
very short time (less than a day, I think) ? (This is for you too Ammer :-)

Mohammed Yousif
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