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Re: Slump...

On Tuesday 28 June 2005 10:43, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Well, yet another meeting was missed.  I'm really rather disappointed at
> myself and our collective lack of progress and I'm speechless as to what
> can be said to remedy the situation.  We have an anniversary coming-up
> and I'm fearful to actually say anything - I can't say that we did much
> the past 6+ months, what would we celebrate...

Speechless myself. If there is anything to be said, it should be said about 
our stubbornness. We're still here (albeit not doing much) when most others 
would have (and already have) said screw it and just up and quit.

As we feared, with this community's constant skrinking in size all the fun has 
just dried up (it was the reason most of us put forth any effort). I'm not 
trying to make up excuses for myself though. I guess what I'm saying is, we 
ought to roll with the punches sometimes, and start re-defining our roles 
instead of trying to push down this stone wall.

> Is the consensus that this will continue in this manner or is there
> anything we can collectively do to improve the situation and get back to
> productivity ? Our lack of focus on the actual projects is hurting us BIG
> time and by this I mean lack of upkeep as well as lack of questioning and
> support.  Do we really know the status of all the various projects and what
> to expect from them ?  Are they in need of help/support, etc, etc.

I think it will continue. Blaming ourselves will not achieve anything though. 
The projects are the responsibility of their respective maintainers and if 
they cant/wont work on them, no amount of questioning/support from us will 
change that.

What we are suffering from was best described by Youcef towards the end of his 
Core term. The motivation is no longer there or its not the same as when we 
first got here. What we need is new blood, pure and simple, and maybe a 
miracle or two. But please lets not kick ourselves. :-)

Hoping to see the situation remedied too,


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