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Re: Preview of QAC's Technical Dictionary Plan

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <aalarfaj at gmail dot com> wrote:
> As you guys know QAC has on several occassions tried to create a
> dictionary of technical terms, or a common terms list, or common terms
> PO or call it what you like, for use by translators. We didn't get
> anywhere as of yet.

Stay clear from calling them what they are not - stick to 'technical
terms' or 'technical dictionary' :-)

> Currently though I am laying a master plan which will hopefully set
> everything in motion permanently and will make this technical
> dictionary into QAC's flagship. You can have a look at:
>   http://www.arabeyes.org/~alarfaj/techdict_plan.html

I just read this and it all seems logical and rather easy to create and
upkeep (baring any convolution(s) I missed :-)  Don't worry about the
QaMoose either, it's simply a matter of spending time looking through
the process to augment to it (not that I remember how it all works :-)

> So far, all our translations have served as nothing more than proof of
> concept. My aim is to change that, and make our translations very
> desirable to use, by giving them a quality level unprecedented not
> just here on Arabeyes, but among all the other translation teams out
> there.
> Mark my words it will happen :-)

I commend you on your intensity and drive - I can't wait to see this
really happen and take off and I really hope all those hot-n-heavy into
translation get a chance to read and comment on this ASAP (you should
consider posting all of this to the 'doc' list -- I was surprised to
see it on 'core' instead of 'doc' -- sooner rather than later).

Out of curiosity, why isn't a collected "automatic" list of words from
previous files so frowned upon (search for 'DITCHES' in your plan).  It
seems to me like such a list would be a good starting point to creating
a "sanitized" list to proceed from, no ?


 - Nadim

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