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Re: Leaving Core


Unfortunately I was unable to show up (or predict being unable to show
up) for yesterday's meeting (was at the airport watching delay after
delay for a friend's flight). I would have liked to discuss this in a
more interactive fashion.

It is regrettable that you have taken such a decision and I am not sure
what can be said further on the subject. However, I ask you to please
remain on the Core group until we hold the elections. By then, if you no
longer want to run, that is up to you. Otherwise as is, it is going to
put the project as a whole in a very tough position which I would very
much rather not see as I am sure you don't.

I second Nadim's call for am emergency meeting. I also call for the
suspension of all core acitivities except for elections. We need to sort
this thing out and get it over with ASAP and without any delay.

How does Fri Sep. 24, 2004 1800 UTC sound to you?

Mohammed Elzubeir

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