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Action Now !!

With Youcef's recent announcement, Anmar frequent disappearances and
our overall busy schedules we need a final burst of energy to get
elections setup, announced and conducted.

We had a meeting today which went unanswered (except for Youcef) and
this MUST stop.  The weekly meetings _must_ be kept up with except in
dire pre-announced situations (its very unprofessional to simply not
make an appearance and/or give prior notice).

I call for the following,

 - An immediate meeting (ASAP, when ?) to finalize on what needs to
   be done with regard to elections
 - An immediate plan of action to vote on the election documents as
   well direction and an election date
 - An immediate plan of action on how to proceed with the election
   mechanics (ie. the PHP code, candidacy, etc).

The motivation will only be there if we have hope and we most certainly
have lots of hope - the lack of progress is in due to our lack of meetings
and follow-ups on our individual TODOs (mine included).  Once we can "snap"
into a normal mental state, we should really figure out how to go about this
election and then those that are looking to move-on/rest/sunbath can do so in
peace.  I think leaving things hanging due to lack of effort is simply not
something I'd personally be willing to live with and won't stand idly by
watching either.

Thoughts/ideas/comments/plans ?


 - Nadim

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