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emirates univ presentation


So, the Emirates University Student Assocication had this 'seminar'
organized with coordination with the UAE LUG. The LUG are the folks who
invited Arabeyes to do a presentation.

So I went to do the presentation and waited for a good hour and a half
without any sight of a single person responsible for the event. There
were posteres plastered all over the place. There was a doctor (not an
MD) who was supposed to give the primary presentation followed by mine.
He didn't show up either. The UAE LUG guy (our contact person) couldn't
make it to the place. He tried! It was just difficult to find the place
and he kept driving around trying to find it. We never met. I was lucky
to have a friend who lived in Al Ain (a small village-like city in Abu
Dhabi -- very beautiful place).

In any case, it was disappointing -- not so much the time I spent
preparing and driving and getting speeding tickets on the way.. but that
such events go up in smoke -- the next time they want to hold such an
event, who's going to show up, with this kind of history? Oh well, I
tried ;)

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