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Re: Limbo state ?

Hello Nadim:

I must apologize for my disappearing act. I had some perosnal issues related to Arabeyes/family and was not allowed to touch a computer for quite a while. this is the first time I am actually doing some work on the computer.

I am working on Arabbix but very sporadically. I have lots of testing to do, but the good news is that GNOME 2.6 is in arabbix now. looks like I will by pass 0.8.1 all together and head to 0.9. No time of arrival as I am on parol at home ;).



Nadim Shaikli wrote:
Well, Youcef and I were the sole people that showed-up to last Wed's
meeting (we didn't get so much as a note or an apology about not
being there from those that didn't note their absence apriori :-)

Anmar - you OK ? we haven't heard so much as a peep from you,  We
really need to get back into the grove of things and we have important
issues we need resolution on.  We also need to start planing for the
'Evolution Party' (it fell mostly on my shoulders last year and I don't
want for that to happen again - and I got lots of promises and
reassurances about "next years events" from most of you).

In all, we really need to pick up the pieces and move on.  What is asked
from us is 1 (yes ONE) hour a night dedicated to Arabeyes issues (and NOT
emails either).  With that 1 hour we could have gotten a great deal
accomplished (yes, I am a broken freakin record - or so I feel anyway :-)

Hope to hear from you and to SEE you at our upcoming Wed meeting
(if I'm unable to login from work - I might be proxy'ed out completely,
I'll be sure to let you all know ahead of time).


 - Nadim
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