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Re: Where's that focus ?

On Tue, 2004-02-03 at 00:52, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Gents, I'm a bit surprised (again) to see that our productivity has
> fallen so low that not only are our TODOs not being knocked-off in
> a timely manner or emails answered promptly, but we are not conducting
> (or showing up for that matter) to our weekly meetings.

True. I have been completely out of it for a very long time now.

> I realize everyone has a life (I do too), but we really need to focus
> here - this is a critical time for Arabeyes and there are many that
> depend on us.  Arabeyes has finally gotten some attention based on the
> work that many have put it, let's make sure to keep that momentum going.
> If you really think about it - what is required is really minimal on a
> daily basis given one focuses at the tasks at hand and doesn't blow
> his time of various non-consequential issues.

It's not so minimal, but yes, it needs to be done. 

> Keep in mind - we have a MEETING every monday at 20:00 UTC unless

Why am I under the impression it's 0600 UTC?

> stated otherwise.  In other words, if you don't hear anything that
> means the meeting is ON (if you can't make it, let the group know;
> we can all do something else than sit around and wait for no-shows).

I apologize deeply for that.. but I was flying during that time and I
should have sent an email about it. It completely passed me. I was in
Bahrain and with Eid and everything, I just completely forgot about it.

> Our TODOs are growing daily and we can't keep pace of the issues and
> this MUST change sooner rather than later.  The issues are clear, what
> needs to be done has been stated outright - now we need to log-off IRC
> (or cut back) and get those things done (its a matter of spending say
> an hour a day just on one's TODOs).

Yes, my TODO's specifically are rotting as we speak. I am very well
aware of that (and unhappy about it as well). Will attend to them
TONIGHT! Mark my words ;)

> As noted, many many people depend on our guidance - so let's not give
> up on them or ourselves.

That's not a bad prep speech ;) Seriously though, I think I have just
demonstrated the worst case scenario of a lazy core member. Personal
things do crop up and are hard to deal with while maintaining the same
level of enthusiasm and commitment to "volunteer" projects. Coming to
think of it, we have already volunteered to no longer be volunteers.
Being a core member is a full-time job and is a rather difficult
position to uphold. 

As far as I'm concerned, my commitment level will go back to the norm in
the coming week.

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