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Presentation & handout material

Abdulaziz, I'll send you 2 more emails offline.  One with all the PDFs
and another with all the "live" files in case you want to change
something.  All the documents/presentation are available for download
here (for the time being - they'll all be headed to CVS soon enough
using OOo format),


The files are available in windows .PPT/.DOC (OpenOffice reads
'em fine) as well as .PDF, do please look everything over and
get familiar with it.  If you can have the various single sheets
(unicode help, intro) be printed and handed-out (if the event
organizers can do this for you) then great otherwise tell people
you have 'em and you can email it to whomever is interested.

About the presentation.  Mohammed and I didn't agree on content
(he wanted to remove all the FOSS stuff (slides 3-6) while I
thought we should keep it to give a more cohesive picture and
he didn't want us to talk about all our projects (slides 19-32)
but instead select 2-3 to highlight, I opted to include all of
'em).  Mohammed was supposed to mail me his additions, but that
never happened.  Do as you see fit and as time allows (time
yourself as you practice).  You can easily remove any slide you
want (its a 2 click job to cut out a slide) or you can simply
skip things when you're doing this live - its completely upto
you and whatever you feel comfortable with.

Remember to concentrate on our current status and how best we
can be helped.

Hope all is well.


 - Nadim

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