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Gitex and Qs

Mohammed, could you please do us all a favor and possibly mail
a daily mini-report (5-6 sentences) to 'general' of what took
place at Gitex.  A number of us (well me :-) are dying to know.
I would also love to know who is there and what is being said,
how the CDs look and reactions of people, etc.  Share with us
what is taking place !!

Do please approach the .sa LUG with the following topics (on
my behalf),

 + We need help with QuranComplex.org - can they work out the
   details and/or liaison to finalize this 9 month issue ?

 + Would the .sa LUG (whom should I contact there) be willing
   to RSS their website so as to be added to the ArabicLUG
   circle previously discussed (outside the scope of Arabeyes)

 + Would the .sa LUG like to get more involved with our projects ?
   Whom to contact about this and other issues ?

 + How best to get all LUGs and all projects talking and working
   together ?


 - Nadim

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