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Arabbix 0.6 and other

Its 1:45am and I'm on the ground.  I have goobs and goobs of issues relating
to Arabbix - there are a number of serious matters like,

 - Lack of Arabic vim (arabic is not compiled into vim)
 - Lack of Arabic mlterm
 - Lack of listing of Arabic if you right-click in any form (vietnamese is
   listed, but not arabic)
 - Mozilla in lang=en shows up in Arabic completely (no english)
 - I was not able to have sound (nothing at all)
 - I was still unable to get any streaming audio
   For instance, go to www.kcrwmusic.com and try to listen to anything
   in any format -- we're missing the plugins.
 - Missing USB support (couldn't test video) it said kernel was not compiled
   with it
 - Logout results in reboot (not shutdown)
 - Dialup/PPP are untested
 - Lilo background (very nice) needs a bigger mention of arabeyes.org
   (its now on the top-left vertical - it needs to be 10x bigger)
 - Desktop background needs a bigger mention of arabeyes.org
   We really need to build into this release Arabeyes.org (desktops can
   be changed easily - so we need to have menu items and/or icons on
   the bottombar to "make things obvious" -- the more the better).
 - I have a new bottombar layout (much more intuitive and simple to
   create - 15-20 minute job)  Take a peek at,
   the question marks icon is to contain our HOWTO/FAQ/help etc.
   The mushroom icon (to be replaced by Arabeyes' logo) is to contain
   our marketing/propaganda stuff - intro/about/help-us/etc).  Beyond
   the intro, we need all the docs written up !!!

Everything else that I could think about is not a show-stopper, the above
I think are.  I will mail tomorrow morning (you might get these emails back
to back) a complete report which will include the above points to 'general'.

Mohammed, I would really feel alot more comfortable if we had another test
release - could we get a couple of extra days from the .sa LUG guys ?  Are
they doing the printing in dubai ?  What is to happen with the art work ?
Can we be involved there as well to make sure we are happy with what will
be done ?

Anmar, I've modified that Almothana font (again) and its now supporting
the non-bold look (in www.arabeyes.org/~nadim/tmp/ae_AlMothana.new.ttf or


 - Nadim

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