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Re: Arabbix & Gitex

On Mon, Oct 06, 2003 at 12:29:46PM -0700, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> alam Gents.  The time has come for us to seriously scurry and get
> cracking on Arabbix.  I've contacted Gitex about them helping us
> and got nothing back (typical).  Gitex will be held in Dubai this
> month from the 19th to the 23rd.
> I propose we do the following (in parallel),
>  + Complete 0.5 and all later revisions __ASAP__ (Anmar ?)
>  + Get approx 5,000 CDs designed & printed
>    - We'll need an Artistic CD print with some space held aside
>      for possibly including other .com/.org mentions
>    - We'll need to find someone to either finance this operation
>      and/or simply volunteer to do the printing in return for a
>      advertising on the CD (ie. we include their logo and URL).
>      The Egypt LUG might be of assistance as they have magazine
>      contacts, etc (but this is VERY short notice).

I will ty to call the Intel folks tomorrow and see if they would be
interested in helping out in this capacity. If not, we would have to be
a lot more realistic and simply make a few hundred CD's (5k is a bit
excessive). I think I can pull that one off by myself.

>  + We need to advertise the heck out of this once we know we can
>    really get it done.

Although this is not related to Gitex specifically, but I will be
hitting up publishing houses (there is a whole bunch of local Arabic
software on CD's, etc. in the stores) to see if they would like to get
on the Arabbix bandwagon. It could end up being somewhat of a revenue
maker to support the various other Arabeyes activities.

>  + We'll need to have foot-soldiers at the doors giving these CDs
>    to those interested (with a banner noting 'Arabeyes.org - Arabic
>    Linux' or similar).

There was _one_ guy in Abu Dhabi who called me on the phone. I'm not
sure if he is around but I will try to hunt him down and see if he would
like to participate. I will be there (lest disaster strikes). Isam will
also be there and I am sure he would be more than happy to distribute
Arabbix CD's.

> The biggest hurtle (apart from the actual CD being ready and tested,

Hurdle? ;) 

> which Anmar thinks will happen - by the 10th we all hope, right ?) is
> getting it manufactured and in hand for the 19th.  We really need to
> call and contact all companies and printing shops to see if they can
> lend a helping hand.  Ideally a print shop would simply do it all for
> us in return for advertising or similar (any thoughts ?).

I will go on the offensive in in a couple days. Since this is all local,
it seems like I'm the one at the front-line ;)

> We don't have much time and I'm VERY surprised at the lack of urgency
> on this topic (let's not do this anymore please and learn from the
> evolution party and be prepared WAY ahead of time).

Ooh.. surprised? ;) This is starting to feel like deja vu ;)

> So who is doing what and how best to proceed ?
> Sorry for the harsh words, but this is a call for assistance !!
> Welcome back Mohammed ;-)

And a warm welcome it is ;)

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