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Re: Anmar - welcome :-)

Thanks yuyu:

I am sure things will pick up for me... but that is OK... I am ready for it.... come on... bring it on ...:)

I am happy to join the team


Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
Salam Anmar,

I'll join my voice to Nadim's to tell you welcome aboard, sincerly !

Be prepared, the interesting things are coming ;)


From: Nadim Shaikli
Subject: Anmar - welcome :-)
Date: Fri, 27 Jun 2003 09:43:01 -0700

Anmar, you've been added to the various internal lists as noted earlier.
We all look forward to working with you and hope to keep things fun and
interesting for all involved.

Welcome aboard (officially :-)

- Nadim

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