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Re: webinterface discussion

--- Youcef Rabah Rahal <yrrahal42 at hotmail dot com> wrote:
> >nadim wrote:
> >
> >BTW: it would be best to change the header 'From' field to something
> >      that might make more sense than 'support at arabeyes'.  I'm not
> >      sure if the header needs to resolve, but how about something like
> >      'Arabeyes Webpage <webpage at arabeyes dot org> -- yup, I know.  There is
> >      no webpage at  dot  dot  dot  :-)  To discuss this, please use 'core'
> I don't think we should change it ;) At least, it bounced and you could 
> re-send it again. What if it bounced to web at arabeyes dot org ?

It didn't bounce and it would have no reason to bounce (we're not even leaving
our own machine :-)  In all it just seemed logical to see something akin to
'web_interface at arabeyes dot  dot ' instead of 'support'.  Anyways, no big - leave it as
For the record, it was held for approval before because the mailman setup was
complete (it should be now).


 - Nadim

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