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re: discussion


From: nadim
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 2003 15:59:00 -0700

BTW: it would be best to change the header 'From' field to something that might make more sense than 'support at arabeyes'. I'm not sure if the header needs to resolve, but how about something like 'Arabeyes Webpage <webpage at arabeyes dot org> -- yup, I know. There is no webpage at dot dot dot :-) To discuss this, please use 'core'

I don't think we should change it ;) At least, it bounced and you could re-send it again. What if it bounced to web at arabeyes dot org ?

BTW2: there is an extra / on the URL below ;-)

Well, I prefer 2 slashes rather than 0 :-) That's why i put slashes in all the paths. Extra slashes are not harmful.



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