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Re: Move coming (#4)...

Quoting Youcef Rabah Rahal <yrrahal42 at hotmail dot com>:

> Well, I actually told Nadim not to commit his changes because:
> 1- He wanted the modifs to be live quickly. The actual cvs copy of the 
> website is not finished yet. Check the temporary link to see what I mean :-)
> So it wouldn't have been possible to cvs-update after his commit.
> 2- I made serious changes in the code. The resources, press releases etc are

Well, for future reference, I would highly recommend you use branches. That way
at least, we can do cvs commits and updates while you go off massacring my
original php code ;)

> now in the DB. Next time when someone will need to add something he'll 
> simply need to add an entry in the correspending table (and I'll even try to

That's good -- well, kind of. I didn't think they were going to be that dynamic
that is why I initially left them static.. besides, it was less coding ;)

> make it possible from a web interface, like for 'Post News').
> Nadim, simply send me what you want to add and I'll do it in 10 sec, in the 
> live site and in the DB.

Good.. you do the work, nadim just forward it to him ;)

> This is due to some historical reasons (impossibility to cvs-update or 
> something like that). I'll try to change the rights...

Yes, please don't chown anything to anything else. Leave everything as is. I
have  asked infrared to tarball the entire /home/arabeyes for an easy transfer
to the new machine.

There are several different things going on there.. bugzilla wants its
permissions intact in order for it to run properly.. and cvs update on the live
site too.. etc. We don't need the frustration of non-functioning stuff just
yet.. we have Friday the 13th for that ;)

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