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Font samples page

OK, after about 2 days of mucking with this junk (I wanted to save off
my MS-Word doc with Arabic fonts in a semi-open format that is small).

The PDF is about 533KB,
The PNG is about  95KB (save the .doc into pdf, convert pdf into png,
                        read 3 pngs into xnview, create a panoramic view
                        that is left aligned of those 3 files and save
                        the result as png)

Here are the samples,


I'm thinking we should create this file for all the fonts we mirror/host
so that people can view the PNG file and know what's there (we'd create
an image icon (akin to what we've done to PDF docs - that swiggly red
lines) on the webpages and them reside next to the name of the fonts on
our 'resources' page).  My only concern is bandwidth, can we mirror this
off of the sf.net server as well or is it not worth the bother ?


 - Nadim

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