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Move coming (#4)...

Gents, move #4 is coming (we're going west this time around to bc/.ca
courtesy of Anmar - nothing from IBM still).  A couple of things need to
be looked into and fixed ASAP - Permissions.  We have a myriad of permission
issues on the 'arabeyes' tree (Youcef you own all of the www for instance).
I highly recommend that each and everyone traverse the /home/arabeyes/* tree
to make sure that he does NOT own files there and that user 'arabeyes' is the
owner of _everything_.  That will ease life when we start tar'ing everything
up for a move (I actually stumbled on this while I was trying to update the
'resouces' page to include the new font and some file renames).

The plan as it stands now (and more info will be coming) is to move starting
next Friday (the 13th :-) evening (PST/-0700).

Salam to all.

 - Nadim

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