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Todo suggestions

Youcif, here are my cursory suggestions to the upcoming todo
list (the are strictly based on look-n-feel).  Youcif, you've
done a GREAT job, so please don't take these remarks in
any negative light,

 1. Be able to shuffle order of todo list (ie. private, then core, then ...)
 2. Replace state from current
      Pending, Done, Obsolete
      Pending, Accepted, Rejected, In.Progress, Completed/Done
 3. Too many priorities (settle for just 3 - low, normal/mid, high)
    Too many priorities renders this field not very usable.
 4. Fields in "New todo" page should be on 1 line.
    In other words, increase the left column space so that
    "Push in Trash" and "Public Todo" is on 1 line not 2
 5. Add pull-down menus for "due date" - year/month/day + ASAP
 6. Remove "time" - unnecessary
 7. Make it so that the forms "Add description here" etc get entirely
    highlighted when selected so one can simply type-in instead of
    delete and type
 8. Make order,

     Item_number Created Priority State Level Trash Assignor Desc

    where created  is the date
    where assignor is the person-who-assigned-you-something :-)
 9. Actually reduce number of things noted on main todo page to

     Item_number Created Priority State Assignor Desc

    This will leave space for the description to be wider
10. Remove "view" and simply click on the item number
11. Item number is simply a count up of listings (and link to task)
12. Add ability to not view all "trash" (or better named "completed") tasks
13. Fields in "existing todo" page should be on 1 line too, replace
      Creation Date      -> Created
      Last Modification  -> Modified
14. Too many things are highlighted (too much color)
    + How about only coloring the states,
        Pending		-> red
        Accepted	-> blue
        Rejected	-> black background with White/Red forground/chars
        In.Progress  	-> green
        Completed/Done	-> no color - normal background color

    So no-color means you are done :-)

I would guess the ones that matter the most, to me, are #2, #3, #9 & #14

Keep up the wonderful work.


 - Nadim

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