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Re: TODOs web applications

On Fri, Apr 04, 2003 at 03:30:00PM +0200, Youcef Rabah Rahal wrote:
> Salam,
> I have integrated the todolist app into our website. To test it, just go to 
> http://www.arabeyes.org/t187/test/WWW/www/, connect with your 
> username/password and then click on the 'Todos' link under 'Logout'.

Looks good. One thing though. You may want to have instead of 'description'
something more of 'name' or something along those lines.. and then
you click on the todo item (whether to claim it or edit it or whatever
and then see the full description). Otherwise it will look messy if you
have a long description in the table with everything else.

Also, You may want to change the naming of things to minimal type of
words.. 'Waiting' to 'P' for pending (and then expand it when you click
on the todo item).. etc.
> There you will be able to see your private todos and the shared todos for 
> the projects to which you contribute. Public todos will appear on the 
> project's page. Visit Bayani's page for ex ;-) See also what happens when 
> you add public/not public todos to your projects.
> I will be very happy to receive your comments. Either by replying to this 
> email or on IRC (I'll be hopefully there this evening).
> Mohammed, I have changed the order in the projects' pages. So 'Details' 
> comes before 'Todos' which comes before 'History Log'. I thought that a 
> visitor would first look after screenshots and some other info rather than 
> history. When the history log is too long, the vistor can even miss the 
> 'Details' field. What do you think ?

That's perfectly fine. Looking good ;)

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