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Re: TODOs web applications


You can test the Arabeyes Todolist here: http://www.arabeyes.org/t187/test/AE-Todos/

Just login with your usual Arabeyes WWW username/pass. Remember not to put 'serious' Todos there, because this todolist is now connected to a test database, that I regularly empty for a reason or another.

This todolist will be available (to be discussed with Mohammed) whenever a registered user logs in Arabeyes' Website, as a feature, like the 'Logout' or 'the 'Preferences' links for ex.

Each user has his own todolist (invisible from other users), and a todolist for each project (visible only for that project's contributors).

For each project, the contributors can decide or not to make todos visible in the project's webpage (feature yet to be implemented in each project's page).

Only contributors with a certain access level (in fact only the project's admin) can delete todos, but they can tag them as 'Put in Trash 'so the project's admin can delete them if it's ok. Otherwise, everyone is able to delete their private todos. There are still some questions like: "should anybody inside a project be able to assign or update todos except the project admin?"...

I added some todos there for the sake of testing. Feel free to add/remove/update whatever you want. Again, don't put definitive things yet !

What do you think about this little app ?

I couldn't hack the existing todolist apps in order to fit them with our setting (mainly the database). My PHP/MySQL knowledge was inexistant ;-) However, I learned many things this last week !!!

Waiting for your suggestions/remarks/questions etc,



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