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Re: COM again

--- Isam Bayazidi <bayazidi at accessme dot com> wrote:
> Salam ..
> I got an email from AbdulHadi, checking if I got his reply about the COM ( 
> Contributor Of the Month) idea ..

I think its been renamed to be ACE (ArabicLinux Contributor and Evangelist)


> I will email him back teling him that we are interested in his ideas, and 
> happy that he volunteered .. and tell him that we are in a middle of contact 
> with active LUGs to get their feedback .. I guess that I should note that it 
> should be ain regular time bases, that means that his idea of having it 
> weekly will be hard to acomplish .. so we are sticking with the Month bases
> ..
> but I guess that there is no probelm is having 2 contibutors acknowledged 
> each month as long as AbdulHadi got time to follow this project ..

I would still suggest 1 per month - its more special that way to the person
being picked (ie. so he/she can note being THE "ACE June.2002")

> I think that I will urge him to subscribe in General List .. of you think 
> this project ( small one) should not hit the general list yet ?!
> I will not send him until I get some responce from you ..

Subscription is always good, but going public with internals like this might
create too much chaos -- 'core' will suggest a person on our end as a nominee.

Plus, we should have one person on our end as the contact person regarding
the ACE issue and that person should convey any issues (there shouldn't
be that many) to 'core'.

Just a suggestion.

 - Nadim

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