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Re: Akka is bug free, bidi added

Salam ..
	Where can I find Akka with bidi ?! in the CVS ? I hadn't seen recent updates 
to Akka ( after Mohammed Elzubiers merge yesterday) ... is it the merge ?!

On Saturday 05 January 2002 06:57, you wrote:
> Tayeb Nadim, followed you advice and added bidi approximation, so now
> Akka is a superset of Acon, by far more powerful.
> All bugs that I am aware of are fixed, including possible buffer
> overflows and memory leaks (I have been paranoid about these).
> The only problems I couldn't check for now because I don't have a PC
> running Linux is endian-related problems. I also have a minor problem
> with computing cursor position in bidi approximation mode, but this is
> really low priority.
> In any case, it's a real please to use now.
> You Three will be the first to test it. Thus Chahine has spoken.
> To leave you with as little configuration work as possible though, I'll
> need to know what your keyboards are (i.e. what keymaps you use in Linux
> console) and if you use the old style setfont program or the
> consolechars program to change console fonts.
> As soon as I have this feedback, I will send you all three the Final
> tarball, and show you how you can have some fun:)
> Salaam,
> Chahine
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