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Subhi (aka InfraRed)

Isam, I just IRC'ed with Subhi about the Newsletter and noted to him
that I'll contact you about getting in touch with him (I'm really
exhausted - too much computer time today ~4am).  He had some
reservations about doing the letter in Arabic (even though he notes
himself that its VERY important) something about not having an arabic
keyboard :-)

His email,
  "Subhi S Hashwa" <subhi at thebigboss dot com>

We did not settle anything, simple put - I said you want to do that
and here are two links for you to look at the format and content
and that the Newsletter will be Quarterly (not monthly)


He said sure and we left it at that.

He also said we should contact universities and professors - I said "Great,
then start compiling a list of the university URLs and email addresses
and we'll go from there" - he said OK.

I think I'm done with my weekly_minutes todo item :-)

 - Nadim

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