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Re: Akka is complete, without visible bugs...

Nadim Shaikli a *crit :

> Chahine, you should consider very strongly rolling one into the other.

I've been thinking about it, but I'm not sure it's worth the effort... I
mean, you can very well decide to run akka and acon side by side on different
virtual terminals. So I'd better spend my efforts elsewhere...

> If Akka is a super-set of Acon, then replace Acon with Akka and note it
> as such and OK it with Acon's author for his blessings (make sure that
> all of Acon's options are supported in Akka just in case they aren't).

Actually Akka is not a superset of Acon. I have rewritten most of it. Acon
does an approximation of bidi that Akka doesn't. I have eliminated it because
it's essentially good for approximating views, not much more. Akka on the
other hand offers many possibilities like filters (you can use different
languages, character encodings or glyph shaping conventions thanks to
filtering), console-tools compatible management, determinism in edition, Perl
scriptable extensions and configuration and many other features that make it
more interesting for production use.

So still waiting for your
1) instructions for announcement (I would like one of you to test it on a PC
first, because this one should be an event)
2) opinion about the Arabic Console HOWTO