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alrighty folks, a few things:

1. sourceforge finally approved arabeyes, so I'm moving a lot of stuff over
there. mostly for bandwidth's sake. in any even, please create sourceforge
accounts and let me know what they are so I can add you. 

2. qamoose -- I am so sorry Nadim, I got carried away with some school
projects, I will test it today at 2pm (CDT) if that's not too late (soon as I
get off work).

3. gnats -- as Nadim already knows, I reached a dead end. I posted on the
gnats-devel list, and god one response. Replied to that.. and that's where we

4. stylesheets are almost finished (I worked on it a little). 

back on sourceforge.. The plan it to move the web page, and cvs to
sourceforge. I still don't know what I'm going to do about the mailing lists.
I will probably continue to run a web server on the current arabeyes.org, but
to channel the traffic that is averaging 2 hits/minute ... I have to consider
alternatives (despite Nadim and Chahine's shared hatred of SourceForge).

I imported all the files from the arabeyes cvs over to SF (sourceforge) w/ the
exception of the KDE-i18n stuff. I will keep that for later.. because I want
to do some resutructuring of the directory heirarchy.

That's all from me!

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