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Re: Unknown Host arabeyes.org

On Sat, Nov 10, 2001 at 11:11:41AM -0800, Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> Mohammed, this might be a good point to start looking into mirroring
> arabeyes.org (arabeyes.sourceforge.net ???) once we have everything on the
> mirror we could then make that the primary and make current arabeyes.org the
> secondary - just something to think about and work towards.

when sourceforge resolve the ticket on the name change we will talk about

> Isam, you might want to use the IP address (to bypass the DNS all together).
> I believe its

Yes, that is the IP address. Our dns servers have been up at all times
(primary especially). It is definitely a problem for your ISP's dns servers.
You can bet someone at your isp was messing with the dns servers over there ;)

But! If you just you don't get the arabeyes page, instead
you get Paradogs homepage (my bro's band). That is because they are the first
virtual host in the list of virtual hosts on arabeyes.org. I did that so the
IIS script kiddies and all that crap would not be on the arabeyes logs and
instead on the paradogs logs. Otherwise, we would get very unrealistic
statistics on the traffic for arabeyes.

But, will get you to arabeyes if you're ssh'ing or cvs'ing (or any
other service other than http).

Let me know.

p.s. of course you can alternatively add to your list of dns
servers (which is our primary namesever) and it would resolve arabeyes.org
just fine.

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