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Re: Unknown Host arabeyes.org

On Saturday 10 November 2001 15:06, you wrote:
> are you there yet? I guess it must just have been a temporary failure of
> your ISP's DNS on that particular record. It happens.

I was able to access neither the Website nor the CVS for arabeyes .. It seems 
that you are not facing this problem .. I contacted my ISP, they said that 
there is nothing from thier side ( and arabeyes site does not work at them 
too) .. most probably my ISP deal with a third party DNS .. maybe the probelm 
is form there .. 
if it is from the DNS .. maybe I can access the site through the IP ... what 
is the addess for it ? please if I can do it through IP pass the IP number to 
me .. I need to update/upload files ...

			Isam Bayazidi
			Amman- Jordan