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hosting for free ?

Mohammed, I was compiling a list of things to be done by ya :-) and wanted 
to visit a site that featured 'paypal' -- the site is down but I came across
something that was very interesting indeed.

kuro5shin.org (listed on osdn.org and slashdot, etc) seems to get their
webhosting and machines for free if they note a small ad on their front

For more detail read the article noted as "Update 11/28/2001" on their
current down page (www.kuro5hin.org).

They said that two companies were vying for their traffic - 

  www.voxel.net     -- in texas somewhere
  www.vhosting.com  -- don't know where (not texas though)

You think we could work out a similar deal with them or any other hoster ?

Just some random thoughts.

 - Nadim

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