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Logo idea

I was doodling around since I was taking that page and a few magazine photos
to get scanned and thought of this.  We are currently looking for a cartoonish
animal as a logo, why not go for a cartoonish vegetable :-)  Something akin to
peas in their sack with bulging eyes, nose, mouth and a mustache.  Don't like
peas, well pick any other vegetable that is Arabic (like okra - stripped
cucumber, etc).  We need this logo to be a character so that the same logo
could be doing different things (reading, climbing a mountain, running, happy,
sad, etc) - whomever comes up with this logo, should be available for more
work in the future (to give the logo a bit of character).

Isam, you'd noted knowing a friend into graphic-design - could you note to
him/her this idea as well as the other posts that talk about this subject
on 'general'


 - Nadim

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