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Re: [admin] Switch to SubVersioN (bis)

On Sat, Jun 14, 2008, Mohammed Adnčne Trojette wrote:
>  0) update the web site to understand SVN instead of CVS (patches
>     prepared by Daifallah Alotaibi and being checked)
>  1) use Debian's packaged version of trac
>  2) regenerate SVN repositories from CVS
> cvs2svn -s NEWREPO --trunk-only OLDREPO
> for i in `ls trunk`;do svn mv trunk/$i .;done && svn rm trunk && svn ci
>  3) keep read-only CVS and start read-write SVN

It is still work in progress, but sina keeps on being loaded. I'll
continue later (time to sleep and class tomorrow).

Mohammed Adnčne Trojette