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Re: Registration replies

--- Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj <aalarfaj at gmail dot com> wrote:
> I have started work on the registration reply mechanism. For starters,
> I have a request: that we do away completely with the "type" property
> of each registree, either that or we should let the registree be able
> to select more than one type. I have several reasons for this, but
> mainly:
> 1. I don't want any newbies on Arabeyes to feel "married" to any one
> type. Even though around 80% of the people who register with us
> register as developers, I have a feeling many of them would make
> perfectly good translators.
> 2. This information is never used, and its at best confusing.

Sorry for the delay in replying.  The 'type' is used in a number
of things - it dictates which mailing-lists the person should be
subscribed to; it indicates which registration email reply he/she
should get, etc.  The type is also used extensively in the website
and mysql for various checks (you'll have to revisit each and every
one of those).

If you are suggesting that we don't ask people to pick a category
and instead simply concentrate on them selecting projects to work
on and/or are interested in then I'm all for it - but their selection
will lead to a category whether we like it or not :-)  In other words,
if someone registers and they pick KDE translation well they ought to
get all the "translation-related" info to help them in their quest.

Hope all of that makes sense, but at the end of day it's your decision
since you're doing the coding ;-)


 - Nadim

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