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Re: donate page

On Tue, 16 Mar 2004 15:08:22 -0800 (PST), Nadim Shaikli wrote:
> --- Omar Abo-Namous <merlin12345 at gmx dot de> wrote:
>> On Sun, 14 Mar 2004 19:00:34 -0600, Arafat Mohamed wrote:
>>> We really need to store the data in mysql. In fact there already
>>> exists a table which we'd like modified to support this
>>> functionality.
>>> The table is donate. I'm thinking create a new table based on
>>> donate
>>> called finances (or something). Import data from donate into
>>> finance
>>> and make any changes on the site to use the new table.
>> ok, would you like to have a look:
>> http://www.toomuchcookies.net/~arabeyes/dontable/test.php
> Looks pretty close to what I had in mind, yet I wasn't able to enter
> any fields since I wasn't sure what field related to what and I
> didn't
> want to fill your db with garbage.  In all, looks nice :-)
>> it's only the Donations()-function from the output.inc.php-file
>> reedited.
>> add/delete-func should be for admin only. How is this sort of
>> thing
>> managed on arabeyes? Is there any "auth"-variable i can query??
> Someone should really CVS checkin a template of the tables we use
> within mysql (ie. with NO content) so that people willing to help
> can really see the tables, rows and columns available for their
> access.
> Omar, there is a login feature within the PHP code and so the
> donations
> should only be accessible (for write/modify) by 'core' staff
> members.

who knows whether the column [type] is what nadim means? i need to
know what exactly would be written in this $_SESSION[type] variable.
(I'm only guessing it's a 'c' ???).


here's the code-snippet i'm referring to

  if (isset($_POST[uname]) && isset($_POST[pass]))
      $QueryResult = mysql_query("select * from user where
username='$_POST[uname]' and pass=PASSWORD('$_POST[pass]')");
      if(mysql_num_rows($QueryResult) == 1)
	  $QueryRow = mysql_fetch_array($QueryResult);
	  $_SESSION[username] = $QueryRow[username];
	  $_SESSION[user_id] = $QueryRow[id];
	  $_SESSION[type] = $QueryRow[type];
	  mysql_query("update user set lastlogin='".GetUTCTimeStamp()."'
where username='$_POST[uname]'");
	  header("Location: ". $hosturl);


> Salam and keep at it.
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Omar Abo-Namous, merlin12345 at gmx dot de on 17.03.2004