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CVS: minibidi.def minibidi.dsp minibidi.dsw tests.dsp

From: Ahmad Khalifa (khalifa)
Date: Sat Feb 26 20:17:03 2005

Update of /home/arabeyes/cvs/projects/adawat/minibidi/MSVC
In directory sina:/tmp/cvs-serv29659/projects/adawat/minibidi/MSVC

Modified Files:
	minibidi.def minibidi.dsp minibidi.dsw 
Added Files:

Log Message:
+ Added test project, ran tests in minitest.txt file
+ Failed several test :(
+ Modified GetType() --> getType() lfrom PuTTY's CVS
+ Added DoMirror() from PuTTY's
+ Removed useless files, people wanting shaping can look for it in minibidi.c
- Will add some notes to README later on to indicate how to run tests &
  Use shaping only.