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CVS: doc/distros mdkarabicsupport.sgml

From: Munzir Obeid (obeid)
Date: Thu Nov 20 11:50:34 2003

Update of /home/arabeyes/cvs/doc/distros
In directory razi:/tmp/cvs-serv31460/doc/distros

Modified Files:

Log Message:
- Version 0.22
- Explain how to set up tetex-latex-arab-3.11d
- Add a section that explains how to set up LyX with ArabTeX
- Add a bug regarding ArabTex
- Updated the url of the MAP to point to http://www.arabeyes.org/download/documents/distro/mdkarabicsupport.html instead of my personal website.
- Add info about ArabTeX 3.11d rpm which is the first rpm I have ever cooked and now ready to being tested.
- Add an entry to VNC so it reminds me to investigate the Arabic support with it later.
- Add and entry to PostgreSQL and postarabic.