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CVS: projects/distro/haydarlinux/hwm/extra/biff Makefile

From: Haydar Alkauhimi (haydar)
Date: Mon Oct  7 17:16:06 2002

Update of /home/CVS/projects/distro/haydarlinux/hwm/extra/biff
In directory arabeyes.org:/tmp/cvs-serv20599/extra/biff

Modified Files:

Log Message:
0.37 - many isues for theme support.
     - Added TitleImage, TitleRightImage, TitleLeftImage, UnactiveTitleImage, 
       UnactiveTitleRightImage, UnactiveTitleLeftImage to Themes to be drawn 
       in the titlebar.
     - Added topBorder and flaticons variables to defaults to decide if a 
       window has top borders and flat icons in the title bar.
     - Toolbar ad titlebars are fully costumizable now.
     - on right to left locales titlebar, starticon and appbar images are