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Re: [G-I] Indic and arabic fonts; which are best?

Quoting Youssef CHAHIBI (chahibi at gmail dot com):

> What do you thing of the FreeFarsi font? It is very good looking, and 
> available in Normal, Bold, Italic and Bold Italic.
> http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=124702

Could be interesting. CC'ing Arash Bijanzadeh, who is the Debian Installer Persian translation coordinator.

This font is not packaged for Debian yet. Arash, could be an
interesting exercise for you to package it..:-)

While I'm at it, I use this occasion to invite you, Arash, to join
the Arabeyes community which is not *only* about Arabic language
support in FLOSS but is very opened, as far as I have seen, to other
languages in the same family when it comes at writing them.