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Re: [G-I] Indic and arabic fonts; which are best?

Waalaikum salam,
Well, you have to ask the font designer. It is not difficult to make
it bigger actually...
Anyway, for arabic font, I think the reason the diacritic marks.
Typically, font have a specified height that they need to fit in. So,
for arabic font, the font designer need to accomodate some space for
the diacritic marks as well, so that leaves the base font "shorter"
that the latin counterpart.
That is just my guess, but I think that is correct. As I said before,
you really need to ask the font designer.
I'm working on a font currently that might solve some of the Arabic
font problem.


On 1/25/06, Youssef CHAHIBI <chahibi at gmail dot com> wrote:
> Le Sunday 22 January 2006 08:42, Eddy Petrişor a écrit:
> > - nazli is not used for farsi, but it should be [6] (font should be bigger)
> > - arabic is fine with ae_AlMohanad, as it is now [7] (font should be
> > bigger; nazli could be used, but it appears that they are not that
> > great)
> السلام عليكم
> Can you explain me why arabic fonts are smaller than latin fonts ?
> Is it possible to adapt the size of arabic scripts characters ?
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