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Re: Gnome 2.16 Translation is Complete

I'm very proud of you now I feel gnome is in good hands and my work was not in vein!

Thank you!


2006/12/28, Bashar <big at kuwaitnet dot net >:

وعليكم السلام و رحمة الله تعالى و بركاته

ما شاء الله تبارك الرحمن

جهد جبّار تشكرون عليه :)

بالتوفيق و منها لأعلى!

Great work indeed guys, all the best with upcoming projects :)

Djihed Afifi wrote:


I am delighted to announce that Arabic Gnome 2.16 is completed, finally,
after monthes of mass translation, Quality Assurance (QA), corrections,
etc. This is not just just translate it and get over with it job.

The statistics pages says it all:

http://l10n-status.gnome.org/gnome-2.16/top.html Click arabic to see details. Don't you just love them all green bars ;) Some screenshots are available here (to be updated): [1] With this, work on gnome-2-16 ceases, and work with gnome-2-18 starts, which is already 95% completed. Because we're close to finishing it, there will be even more emphasis on quality, consistency and correctness to deliver a full quality Arabic desktop for the Arabic user. I would like to thank those who have made this possible: Khaled Hosny, Ahmad Farghal, Youssef Chahibi and Mohamed Magdy. They deserve most the credit, they made and continue to make the work enjoyable. As always, contributors are welcome. There is a lot you can do. From translation and testing, to quality and consistency checks, corrections, discussing computing terms[2] and more[3]. Join the effort! Also, I would like to extend my invitation to past translators: Arafat Medini, Youcef Raffah, Abdulaziz Al-Arfaj and Sayed Jaffer Al-Mosawi to name a few. You've done the biggest part of this. This could have never been done without your previous work: THANK YOU. We'll be delighted to have you back any time. Djihed [1]http://wiki.arabeyes.org/Gnome_screenshots [2]Technical Dictionary: http://wiki.arabeyes.org/Technical_Dictionary [3]http://wiki.arabeyes.org/Gnome The wiki pages will be udpated soon, and there will be more screenshots.

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