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Re: Graphic design help

Hi there,

I am following up a rather old thread... Please read below...

On 12/19/04, Youcef Rabah Rahal <y dot rahal at gmail dot com> wrote:


On Thu, 16 Dec 2004 23:55:52 -0800 (PST), Nadim Shaikli
<shaikli at yahoo dot com> wrote:


>  c. Logo for the Bayani Project

If I may add, Bayani needs:

1- A logo
2- A splash screen
3- A set of icons

I have (more or less) a clear idea of how should these graphics look,
however, whenever I try to draw them, the result is simply horrible !
(yup, I don't have the artistic fiber...). Since the project's GUI is
now constantly changing, the set of icons isn't fully determined, so
I'll email here again once the list is complete, in order to avoid any
waste of time.


So, OK. Since that Bayani now is "almost" ready for release, I would like to know if there are artists out there who would like to work on a theme of a about 23 icons, a logo, and a splash screen under a GPL license.

Some of these icons are pretty standard like "save document". However,
rather than using existing GPLed icons for those, It would be great if
they would match with the global new developed theme. Indeed, some new
icons need to be created like "draw histogram", "fit data" etc. Those
are not easy to find under a free license.

Please, let me know if you are interested so I can dress the whole
list of what is needed.

PS: It would be great if the volunteer would also be there for future
releases. Although this is not a requirement if the SVG files are
available ;)


Youcef Rahal