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FOSS and development conference in Cairo

Hi all,

Center For Knowledge Society and EGLUG are organizing a conference with
the title "Free/Open Source Software and Development" at the Shepard
Hotel, Cairo, Egypt from the 13th to the 15th of march

for more info please check http://www.eglug.org/mengos_conf

unfortunately we have no funds to pay for Arabeyes contributors air
tickets, we would have loved to have you all with us in such an event.

I hope to see all Arabeyes Egyptian members in the conference, and
anyone who will be visiting Egypt at the time.

the 3rd day of the conference will be a Mini Expo, where companies and
NGOs working with FOSS in Egypt will present their work, we want to have
an Arabeyes booth in that day, can you recommend someone to man that


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