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Re: Volunteers for verifying the quran data

Thomas Milo wrote:
Gregg Reynolds wrote:

(I think you mean /muHammadu-nu r-rasuulu/ ;)

Thanks. Are you sure this is the correct vowel harmony here?

No. ;) I'm not sure if one is more correct than the other. I saw a passage on just this issue in al-nahw al-wafiy the other day but of course I have no idea where.

I don't understand your argument here.  The "helper vowel" can be
inscribed using one of the ordinary vowel marks.  (I'm pretty sure
the grammarians address this explicitly.)  Scribes may choose not to
do this, but they can if they want to.  This occurs in many cases,
e.g. after the question particle hal.

I would like to see how you can add a vowel to a tanween mark.

Aha. Now I see; good catch. (Er, render the <tanween> with a large nuun? ;-)